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this will be a small guide for you to start coding and learn the basics… it took me a lot of time developing this completely so do give it a look. here in this complete tutorial, I would be focusing only on the basics, how to start a file in both HTML and CSS, some basic tags, basic CSS rules you should be known about before starting a file, and more interesting stuff.


//What are HTML and CSS?

Talking about Html and CSS, these are the basic web technologies that are present in almost every website that you visit normally. 🙂 Html gives the basic structure of the webpage and CSS is basically like makeup that is important for good looks.

//What are the basics?

The basics of HTML and CSS is what is covered inside this tutorial… but still, HTML starts something like this :

<head><!-- this contains the basic information like title and meta tags... --></head>
<body><!-- all the elements that you see on page are put down here --></body>

for CSS there is nothing like that structure, you can style it directly, to make it more clear, the video above will be great and yes there are some of my tips that will help you a lot!

//What do HTML and CSS stand for?



//Where to Start? The requirements?

To start there isn’t really any requirement except for a text editor like notepad and basic computer…

Yes, if you really want to learn HTML and CSS there are many code editors available out there, here is a post from us worth checking out to select the best one for you: the best code editors.

Also, I would recommend you to at least have 4 gigs of ram on your laptop or pc or else you won’t like the lags while coding and developing.


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