Amazon always strives for faster delivery. For instance, Prime Now offers free 2-hour delivery. Prime Air get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less. But, what if the customers are not at home to receive their
packages? That is the reason why Amazon just introduced Amazon
Key. With this new service, you can get your packages directly delivered
just inside your front door. It relies on Amazon’s new Cloud Cam and a
compatible smart lock from leading lock manufacturers Kwikset and

On delivery day, a courier first scans the barcode which will send a
request to Amazon’s cloud. The cloud then grants permission and turn on
the Amazon Cloud Cam that will start recording. The courier gets a
prompt on his smartphone to unlock the door so that he can drop off the
package, and another one to relock the door. Meanwhile, the customer
gets a notification that their package has arrived. Note that the courier is
instructed to always knock on the door before requesting to unlock it.
Amazon is pushing further to conquer the smart home devices market. It
is already making a great success with Amazon Echo, an internet-
a connected speaker that is using Alexa. To get started with Amazon Key,
you need to buy the Amazon Key In-Home Kit starting at $249.99. It
includes the Amazon Cloud Cam and the compatible smart lock. The
Cloud Cam is a home security camera that can respond to voice
commands and integrates with other Alexa devices. Amazon plans to
offer a subscription to a more advanced home monitoring (to compete
with Alphabet’s Nest and other brands).

It is possible to preorder the camera today. The delivery service will
become available on November 8th. Customers will also need the Amazon
A key app in order to watch deliveries from their smartphones. The service
will begin to appear as an option when you will have the system in place
and will be available for over 10 million items. Amazon Key is only
available in 37 cities across the US, but the company says it hopes to
expand the service more widely in the future.

All this raises many questions. By far the most important ones: will
customers trust Amazon to monitor their homes? Will the benefits from

this service be enough to get rid of privacy and security concerns that
customers might have?

This was a guest post by Selim Chehimi, who has his own tech blog focused on
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