Every time I boot you up I see the real old faced windows… Can’t you change?

Why not sir it’s easy as I am windows and it’s easy to customize me.
today we got something special for you all and it’s how to customize your desktop and make it look modern and easier to use by two ways.

  1.  skin packs
There are numerous of available on many websites and you can get any nice looking theme for yourself. my best-suggested site is skinpacks.com which is easier to use and can give you a lot of themes. some of my favorites are:-
Get look and feel of android N on your Pc with all icons and changes being made to the taskbar.
some images.


Normal But minimal theme for windows and best suited for making windows look calm and decent.
some images.


You can Find more easily at skinpacks.com

2. Using rainmeter

it’s a greater option to use rainmeter rather than skin packs as there are more themes and sources available to rainmeter then compared to skin packs.
you can get a lot of themes for rainmeter at deviantart.com and rainmeter.net
There are many tutorials and lessons available to setup and use rainmeter properly. that are available on youtube.com
check the one below.
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