1. By setting The Memory usage using CMD

This is for the kind of gamers who love to play high end games, but have to give up on a day when they find it tough to even load properly. This works even with big software that you might be using to code or develop something Real nice and cool for The World.
  • Run Command Prompt as an administrator by right clicking Start ► Command Prompt (Admin). You can also Do this by pressing start + X on your keyboard ► Command Prompt (admin).
Click Yes To The Prompt 
This Would Run Cmd As an Administrator.
In the following window That appears type the following line.

“fsutil behavior set memoryusage 1” and hit enter.

Changes will occur after reboot so bookmark this page and reboot your system.

2. By creating a paging file For your Pc

  • right click on my computer or this pc in the newer versions of windows.
  • hit properties ► advanced system settings
  • in the following prompt head over to advanced tab and hit settings under performance.
  • under the performance options click on advanced tab and hit change.
  • Follow The Image Below.





Reboot Your PC and feel The Change.
Didn’t Understood something or your PC is still laggy? watch The Video Below.
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