Want to start your own blog/website and really with nice cms how about self-hosted WordPress? 

but it would cost you money… around $100 for a year including domain and proper hosting and emails…
so we are gonna figure out a way to get a self-hosted WordPress for free. 
1. choosing the host
when it comes to hosting there should be a host that is free and has one-click WordPress install with send mail feature as well as getting some space that is enough for the beginning of a website. This all I found in 000webhost. of you aren’t ready for limited space to go with the any paid hosting, one that I suggest is GoDaddy.

so here what all we get is enough for you to start a WordPress site self-hosted hosted.

2. installing WordPress.

As soon as you have made your first website or just a blank server they give you options to start with that are build your site, start with WordPress, Upload your own.

Here we are going to select start with WordPress

as soon as you hit build WordPress website a popup would come asking you to create a username and password for your WordPress server. So get yourself a name and password ready. and hit install
After this you would see a progression bar running wait for it to finish…
When this is done go to your configuration page by pressing the go to configuration pafe button or by typing your URL that maybe like yourwebsite.000webhostapp.com/wp-admin
where “wp-admin” is important.
and here you get your own WordPress hosted website for free


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