what is photoshop?

it is an application from Adobe that helps in creating graphics, images, small frame animations, and mockups.

Learning Process for Photoshop:-

the only best way to learn photoshop or should I say anything is by doing, like you cannot learn it just by memorising, you need to try it yourself and you would only be able to master it once you try it daily, may it be for some time or be it 2-3 hours depends on the situation around you.

How did I start learning photoshop?

it wasn’t easy at all, in the beginning, took some time and efforts, but I used to set a goal like today I would learn a new art, and used to stick to that. after accomplishing it I used to surf youtube, find something interesting for the next day.

Where can you use photoshop?

Basically anywhere when it comes to editing images, making artworks, moreover making vector images, making graphics for clients, Giving your image an epic look and feel, adding flame crossing your hand and stuff like where you want to look awesome, Photoshop takes the lead.

Is that time consuming?

You know with great tools, comes great time consumption to understand them, to learn photoshop i should say you need at least 1 month (daily practice), out of which around 1 week would be for only understanding the basic tools and playing with them, but if you practice daily, it won’t take more than a month.

What configurations do I need?

a decent laptop or desktop would do, it should be having at least 4 gigs of ram, suggested is one graphic rendering card which is at least 2 gigs, or else you would face lags. there are many fixes available on youtube that you must check out to fix lag on windows or fix photoshop lags, some of them are :

where to start from?

I would recommend watching the beginners guide here,
the start off with it and then continue with some good art making tips and tricks from awesome people out there on youtube.

here is a playlist from us worth checking out to help you understand photoshop better.

Thanks for reading!

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