well if there’s a less battery backup on a laptop device you bought paying a small fortune it really hurts a lot.It might also happen when you moved to a new OS from the old one.

Here’s a solution for you all!

1. move to power options and check if all the stuff is set for optimizing battery life.
2. select the power saver plan if you want to use your machine whole day long.

try using your device it might work properly, if not
check some fixes below.

1. Re-Charge your battery from 0% to 100%

yes, you heard it right… your battery life will increase by doing this just all you need to do is either leave your laptop for the time it does not shut down automatically
some laptops might not drain the complete battery, for them, you need to again boot them up and press the F1 key. To make sure that your laptop has completely no battery, boot it up again… if it doesn’t pop up anything then it’s having completely no battery.

After this, you need to leave your laptop for about 3-4 hours on charging to recalibrate its battery.
And once you are sure that it’s 100% charged that’s basically with the help of LED indicators if any present on your laptop.
2. Re-Do Re-calibration if required
Some Batteries don’t Recalibrate At once, Try Doing it Again if required…
at the most till now what I have experienced is 4 times on a laptop makes it function normally.

3. Move to The previous OS or The downgraded Version of windows/Mac.
if still, you face the same issues I think that degrading your machine to older OS would be the best Option and if you can find support on The official website of the laptop brand that you are using it would be the best.


That’s it for this time I hope it will help you all to fix all the problems
that you are facing with battery life. Keep an eye on technaman.org as I am gonna upload something new daily for you guys.

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