No matter what kind of website/blog you are running… have you ever wondered the padlock that appears on your address bar when you visit them? if not then look at your address bar right now. Is it reading SECURE? with a lock… we have an SSL

What is SSL?

Basically, a way to stop hackers to steal information from your users while it gets to you. It is also sometimes described as something very useful for big websites, to increase user trust upon your website. because they won’t like it if your site gets hacked and with that get all their data like email and phone numbers full of spam messages.


Well, I run a small blog? do I need it?

this basically matters only if you ask for information locally on your site and store it also. What I basically think you would be either running it on Blogger or WordPress or some other good CMS.

if you have installed some plugin to get users email for your newsletter and other stuff you should surely get an SSL certificate. as it would make sure that all information is safe in your database. (if saved on your website only)

do you use services like MailChimp or Spark post, no need to spend some pennies on SSL, as all your client’s information is safe. 🙂

Well, the next thing you would say is that you also use MailChimp then why an SSL?

my answer is that I am going to launch something epic on this website real soon, that would really need me to have SSL, get ready for it!

Having a Plan to launch a big website?

want to make a big website asking users for information and making some real money out of your life? Here are a few things I suggest you should be ready to spend upon…

  1. Domain ( Simply the first thing you see when you are on a website, like here my domain is )
  2. SSL ( much explained)
  3. A good hosting Provider ( the place where it all begins. go to and you would get it more clearly. )
  4. Development of your website ( If you aren’t that techie. i am here to help. )

What do I mean By a big website?

something big and something that asks for a lot of information just like Facebook or Twitter… or Flipkart or Amazon. basically that stores a lot of information that will be good if private. just like address, phone number, credit card details and more stuff.

Wrapping Up

with all this being typed, thank you all for reading this article out. hope it helped. Thanks for reading. Peace out 😉

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