well Hi there blogger, I know it takes a lot of time to dwell on the hard mindset and write a complete fresh article whilst compressing images and uploading stuff. But the people who copy your content just don’t require to do anything more than just selecting all your text and CTRL+C over to their new post and CTRL+V. this will be a complete post to help you all stay safe from all this!

1. Disable Copying Text From your blog.

well if you are a WordPress user then consider looking this plugin
if you are on some other platform don’t worry just find if you could add some HTML/Javascript to your website and if yes add the following code to stop people from copying your content…

2. Provide Partial Feeds

Have you ever found a blog with all the content directly without the read more or any other redirect? this makes easier for RSS scrapers to copy all your content. always allow only some small description of your blog post on the homepage and then after it provides a link like continue reading and stuff!
How to do it?
use any RSS expert to alter your RSS feed so that it doesn’t get copied. also, this would generate backlinks to your website from the copycat’s website 
here is the WordPress plugin
and for other platforms the tynt script

3. When your content is being Copied…

finding the correct guy on the web that has copied your content is damn hard as around 2000 websites are built every hour!
well, this is made easy by the pleasureism checkers…

send a polite e-mail: the First step that you may take is sending a polite e-mail to the website owner informing that he had copied content material from my website. Copying content is unlawful and asks him to put off your copyrighted paintings. look ahead to a reaction from internet site proprietor for the next 5-6 enterprise days.

give up and Desist word: If not anything happens together with your polite email, you may think of sending quit and Desist (additionally called C&D) be aware to the internet site owner. here is a stop and desist sample that you could edit as in keeping with your requirement.

DMCA Letter to net host: another aspect that you can do is send a DMCA letter to the net host of that internet site. As consistent with law, internet hosts are presupposed to take strict actions in opposition to websites that copies copyrighted work from other websites.

DMCA letter to Google Adsense: If the website that had copied content material from your internet site is using Google Adsense can send a DMCA letter to Google Adsense. that is one of the strong moves that you could take in which the internet site owner can get banned from Google Adsense. if so, all of his revenue coming via Google Adsense may be gone.

DMCA letter to others: other than Google Adsense, you could send DMCA letters to other offerings from wherein this internet site is producing commercial enterprise

felony actions: If not anything works, you may think about filing a lawsuit.

here is a post I liked from shout me loud about how to remove copied content from Google search!
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  1. Hi admin, nice content give an idea how to protect your blog from copying. The plugins that are you shared are awesome and the tool like Grammarly is a great tool. Thanks for sharing keep updating.

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