There are many extensions available for chrome but these are the ones i use daily and would recommend you to also use as it gives a different productivity rate while using google chrome to work. 
These are what i use daily and would love to recommend to every one out there! 

1. Grammarly

While we use chrome to type and even it enables us to chat nowadays by the means of Facebook and whatsapp being available on the websites, it’s important to have correct grammar which gives great impression to both our mates and our clients 


  • Your reports are being mailed to you [ your mistakes, vocab, nd stuff]
  • real time mistake capturing and suggestions
  • free till the time you don’t need to have pro features.

2. Data Saver by Google

Are you one of a kind who loves to save pennies and use them somewhere else or just that you don’t have much data and want to utilize it wisely well if you love to have some extra data for something else this one’s for you


  • Compresses pages to be viewed by you before you access them
  • saves your data
  • get reports on basis of day, hour , month and even more.

3. Noisli

this extension is my favorite as it makes the environment more friendly with headphones. Yes you are right it gets sounds and certain combo’s to get the most out of you and even if you want to relax it can tackle that too as well

  • Improves focus and productivity
  • allows to set time for your own combo!

4. Ad Blocker

Don’t Get carried away with ads or annoying popup’s anymore! with ad blocker you can make the most of it just as the images and videos go away from the sidebars and main screen. 

  • Free To use
  • Allows Excluding
  • Advanced Options

5. Momentum

The new tab extension That makes Your screen minimalist and beautiful. set your own Todo, Focus for the Day and a lot more

  • To-Do list
  • New Image daily with Quote
  • Weather
  • Personalized to you.

Thanks 🙂

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