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What are power options?
Power options is a setting that appears in the Windows control panel and allows the user to Basically Set the Power Plan according to their Usage. Here are some pictures that might help you to know about how power options look in Windows.
power options
Best Way to Open Power Options in any windows Version and Platform: –
è Press Control + X key on your keyboard to open the Power User Tasks Menu.
è Select Power Options OR press O on your Keyboard.
How to Use the Windows Power Options?
There are Basically 3 Plans available but you can also make your own custom Plan, Which Might depend upon your Usage.
è High Performance: Focus on performance and not at all on battery life.
è Balanced: Balances between performance and battery life, depends upon the apps you are using
è Power Saver: Saves a lot of energy and can be used if you want to use your machine for whole day long but it’s not gonna at all work for performance and you might face lags.
Tips: –
Once you have selected any one plan of your choice you can even change its settings as per your needs, you can help your computer to know you more by clicking change plan settings > Advanced Options.
I hope it will help you all a lot to know about power options. Keep an eye on Tech Naman to get all the latest stuff.
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